The Internet Is Going Crazy Over This Spider Catcher

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Did you know there are 781 spider species confirmed in British Columbia?

So for all you Vancouver Island arachnophobes… this one’s for you… ok, probably mostly for me 😉

“My Critter Catcher” has been making online videos for at least 4 years… but since media picked up on it… one of it’s videos, and it’s patented product has gone viral… earning 61M+ views and more than 800K shares.

“Many people regard the presence of insects such as spiders inside a building as a nuisance. However, many such people do not wish to kill the insect and would prefer to have a convenient and simple way of disposing of the insect without killing it…” – Tony Allen, Inventor, My Critter Catcher

Instead of killing the spider (check out the video above, the thing can handle some monsters!), it’s no-kill design allows you catch and release creepy crawlers… Perhaps best of all, you don’t even need to get close, as it’s on a 25.5 inch-long stick…

Reports say Tony was inspired to come up with the product because his son was afraid of spiders.

High 5’s Tony… we know there are more than a few people on Vancouver Island who’ve been startled by the size of spiders we can get here… (again, maybe only me…)

Do you squash or catch & release? ⤵️





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